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By Hottie Potty
Posted in The Porta Potty Blog, on August 01, 2017

If you are wondering where the tailgating toilets are, you are in luck! In the land competitively named Death Valley, comes a team that needs no huge introduction, the LSU Tigers. The glory of the purple and gold are always hot on the field, world-renown for the best tailgating experience and this is where Potty Girl is part of Coach O's winning team.

Check out LSU Tailgaiting policies and LSU Football Schedule here!!

We provide the best porta potty experience for LSU Tiger fans at home games! To make the magic happen for those must go LSU football fans, when you have to "go” our specialists are onsite. Rest assured, you will have a memorable restroom experience while never having to miss the crowd roaring “Hold that Tiger”. 

Neal, our expert Driver, is a true southern gentleman. He is a lifelong fan of LSU football and has been on the Potty Girl team since the first touchdown. He says that his “Tiger pride in providing great service to the fans and feeling the excitement of the game” is one of his favorite perks of being part of the LSU tailgating experience. 

"Compliments on the equipment" is what Neal hears most from the LSU – Potty Girl fans…”Sensational”…”It's cool in there”…”That toilet flushes!”… “Thank you – best portable toilets”… “I love these Potty Girl restroom trailers, now I can get another beer at my buddy’s tailgating spot”.  You will find Neal keeping our portable restroom trailers on the winning team!!

Carrie, our Master Cleaner, is also on the roster at LSU football tailgating. Her purple and gold power keeps the porta potty trailers sparkling clean and fresh. She makes sure all tiger droppings are properly taken care of for your winning LSU fan experience. Carrie tells us that her favorite Potty Girl team highlights are the “interaction with loyal fans” and the “excitement of the game".  Her LSU – Potty Girl team spirit makes the highest winning score!!

If you are ready to potty at LSU tailgating, stop by to have a VIP portable restroom trailer experience at these locations:

  • Tiger Stadium
  • Lockett Hall
  • Welcome Center
  • Track and Field
  • Stadium Drive @ Railroad Tracks
  • Human Ecology
  • Across from Walk-On's
  • Block party at Taylor Hall

Our super clean, air-conditioned restroom trailers are equipped with flushing toilets and sinks with running water. You will not wait in long lines for a portable toilet.

LSU Tailgating Restroom Trailer

Download your LSU parking and restroom map here!

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When you gotta "go", "Geaux with Potty Girl" and “Make Your Potty the Life of the Party”!!