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Potty Girl is an emergency and natural disaster responder. Potty Girl is always on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your emergency and disaster relief needs. We have over 10 years of experience with disaster relief for oil spills, hurricanes, snowstorms, fires, and floods. We have the ability to move our fleet of mobile restroom and shower trailers rapidly to help in establishing infrastructure and disaster recovery.

Our proactive approach and extensive experience providing emergency services have been effective in coordinating with utility companies, local and state government agencies, oil companies, and disaster relief companies. Potty Girl will be there for you in an emergency situation. 

When a natural disaster happens, our equipment is strategically staged with our fleet of portable shower trailers and mobile restroom trailers. Disaster relief workers and displaced individuals greatly benefit from the peace of mind that our clean and sanitized portable showers and restroom trailers offer. 

Our trained technicians will help cover all your emergency and disaster sanitation concerns with our safe and reliable equipment. 
Potty Girl’s restroom trailers range from two to sixteen stations and have all the amenities of your home, such as flushing toilets, urinals, sinks, air-conditioning, and heat. They are equipped with durable rubber floors for safety which makes cleaning and washing down these restroom trailers quick and easy. All restroom trailers are fully stocked with soap and paper products. Our drivers are always ready to clean and restock for short or long-term rentals. 

Potty Girl’s shower trailers are configured with four to ten shower stalls and are available for immediate dispatch to your site. Customized features of the shower trailers are hot and cold running water equipped with water-conserving shower heads. Privacy is a plus with our shower trailers since each individual shower stall has a private, enclosed dressing area. The floor plan is split by gender which divides the shower trailer for additional privacy. 

Our new portable restrooms, portable latrines, and hand wash stations are perfect for eliminating the spread of dirt, contaminants or disease while keeping everyone comfortable and clean. 

Potty Girl looks at every relationship as a partnership. We coordinate your disaster solutions before you require them. Potty Girl offers advance planning for your disaster management team by guaranteed restroom or shower facilities with retainer contracts.

Potty Girl is always on call! Contact us or call 1-337-269-2006

  • 16 Station Rich Restroom Trailer Rental

    $4,595.00 - $16,100.00
  • 10 Station Rich Restroom Trailer Rental

    $3,595.00 - $8,195.00
  • 8 Station Shower Trailers

    $4,195.00 - $15,180.00
  • 6 Station Rich Restroom Industrial Trailer Rental

    $2,100.00 - $6,400.00
  • Construction Portable Toilet Rental

    $275.00 - $450.00
  • ADA Compliant Restroom Rental

    $375.00 - $675.00
  • 250-gallon Waste Holding Tank

    $350.00 - $650.00
  • 300-gallon Fresh Water Holding Tank

    $350.00 - $650.00
  • Hand Wash Stations

    $225.00 - $425.00
  • Temporary Fencing

    $3.95 - $5.95