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By Hottie Potty
Posted in The Porta Potty Blog, on July 18, 2017

Your life could be at stake when a hurricane sweeps through your community. Historically, floods, hurricanes, and tropical storms cause the most damage. Recovery efforts in the past decade have become a top priority with massive oil spills, tornadoes, droughts, and wildfires, floods, in addition to hurricanes, affecting our lives. We can’t stop powerful storms or natural disasters. This is why preparing for hurricanes and natural disasters are important at Potty Girl.

Our industrial and coastal areas do flood and can become uninhabitable. There are visible dangers with fallen trees and collapsing buildings. Entire cities can be shut down. Oil and gas infrastructures can be torn apart, releasing hazardous materials, such as oil in coastal waters. The very shoreline as we know it can be reshaped.

Potty Girl is on call for every emergency because we will listen to what you need. Our expertise and ability can quickly move our fleet of restroom trailers, shower trailers, porta potties, industrial portable toilets and industrial restroom trailers to help you establish infrastructure throughout the Gulf Coast.

Small and large businesses in the industrial sector require additional planning with disaster recovery efforts. We want like to share that Agility Recover lends their expertise with their comprehensive business checklist.

In addition to the private business sector, we partner with local, state and federal government level agencies, such as FEMA, for disaster recovery. If you are affected by a disaster, you may find FEMA resources essential. 

Potty Girl's 10 Station Restroom Trailers are the most requested rental for disaster recovery: 

10 Station Restroom Trailer

View our available inventory of shower trailers, handwash stations, temporary fenceportapotties, and ADA portable restrooms.

When rebuilding after a natural disaster or during long-term recovery, our portable toilets and restroom trailers function to help you regain a sense of familiarity and security when you’re working hard to recover. 

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