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By Hottie Potty
Posted in The Porta Potty Blog, on December 06, 2016

From Wall Street to water closets, Deborah Young has run the gamut from assisting some of the largest companies in America to running a business of her own. She launched Potty Girl in 2015, to provide the highest level of quality and cleanliness throughout the entire portable restroom industry.

While her experience spans over the years in the portable restroom industry, Potty Girl is her new venture created with an amazing new vision, new name, and a new value to provide our customers with exclusive luxury service while taking care of a common need.

 Deborah Young

We want you to get to know Deborah Young, Owner, and CEO of Potty Girl...

What is your favorite holiday and why?

World Toilet Day on November 19th. It gives visibility around the globe to areas that lack proper sanitation and ways we can help. We are grateful to offer clean, safe and portable toilets.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I get a weekly massage and pedicure. Most of all, I love spending time and traveling with my family.

Who is the person that made the most impact in your life?

My father, George Young, is the “go to” guy! When I was young, my brothers and I would watch him with his employees at Browning-Ferris Industries. He is respectful, gives you his full attention, listens to suggestions, and puts ideas into action. Loyal and determined, my father would make his decisions based on his sharp business instinct and entrepreneurial spirit. When I am unable to make a decision, I often reflect on "What would my father do?”.

What makes you the happiest in your life today?

Watching our son, George, laugh and play!

What motivates you to work at Potty Girl?

Living in New York and working on Wall Street has taught me never to give up. My challenges have been the foundation for my new business venture at Potty Girl. In my heart, I know that hard work is the key, coupled with treating my employees the way I want to be treated. I reward loyalty and dedication. I want my employees to grow with Potty Girl by providing them with stability, income, incentives, and the career path.

Another motivator is growing our partnerships. We have a diverse, eclectic partnership base that includes Festival International, LSU, Mardi Gras, government entities, construction companies, couples getting married, soccer tournaments, and so much more. We are recognized for the most colorful and cleanest portable toilets. We have the most prized luxury restroom trailers and customer service experience in the portable toilet industry.

  "It definitely is something they remember. And isn't that what you want for your    guests, a really good experience , and great memories.”   - Deborah Young

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