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By Hottie Potty
Posted in The Porta Potty Blog, on July 26, 2016

Day in, day out, we use this product without considering how useful it has become. If you have ever taken toilet paper for granted, your view of toilet tissue is about to change forever! Toilet paper is terrific and with only about thirty-five percent of the world population using it, it is gold! There is so much more to do with your two-ply paper than you ever imagined and Hottie Potty’s clues that will have you full of gratitude even when you’re not wooing the loo.

Play tic tac toe

Make a wedding dress

Facial tissue


Cleaning up your cat’s hairball on the floor

TP the opposing team’s mascot before a football game

Measuring – a typical square is 4.5 inches

Artwork – Sakir Gokcebag

Make a mummy costume

Covering razor nicks

Make a temporary bandage

Cover a toilet seat

Remove make-up

Wrap up a blister on your foot

Make spit wads…if you’re a 12 year old?

Coffee filter

Toy to keep your cat busy

Party streamers…looks great on oscillating fans

Wrap a gag gift

Put in a window or door to stop a draft

Make a flag 

Unroll a case of toilet paper and blame it on your little brother…not suggested

Wipe tears


Glue it on the bottom of someone’s shoe

Put between toes when getting a pedicure

To reheat food in microwave to prevent splatter

Decorative coaster for your hot toddy

Pick up your dog's doody

Wipe a runny nose

Clean your sunglasses

Stuff your bra or underwear

Use it as a sleep mask

Write a “honey do” list

Wrap your cold hands when tailgating

Tear it up in shreds, throw it up in the air and you have snow flurries! 

Who knew there are so many other uses for toilet tissue and toilet paper beside on the potty!! We make magic happen for every event. The royal flush at Potty Girl is our VIP amenities that will have your guests feeling like a king and queen on the throne. Requesting vibrant colored toilet tissue and our white glove attendants makes every event uniquely outstanding. The case is closed....make your potty the life of the party when you go with Potty Girl!