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By Hottie Potty
Posted in The Porta Potty Blog, on March 22, 2016

Welcome, all!! Let me introduce myself, I’m Hottie Potty your source for the perfect porta potty information. Catch my globe-trotting wanderlust as I step out of the water closet! I will bring global awareness from my journey then jaunt back to home base, Lafayette, Louisiana, the happiest place in the United States. I’m here to spread the word about where to find radical restroom trailers, the water closet wonderland, a wonderful washroom, spectacular shower trailers, happy hand wash stations and lovely portable potties. My world is full of adventure and I want you to roll along with me!

I just returned from Berlin, Germany to secretly spy on a few happenings besides the modern conveniences of indoor and outdoor plumbing. All that fun didn’t leave me weary. A meeting of the potty masterminds concluded that if you are to attend a black tie event, chill music festival or a tremendous tailgating party, the new rave with outdoor toilets is “going with Potty Girl”.  It’s not a secret anymore; Potty Girl is the perfect partner when it comes to terrific toilets and renowned restrooms for any outdoor venue.

Now without further adieu …toilet roll, not drum roll…I am here to spread the word about proper portable toilet etiquette. Taking care of “business” out of your comfort zone is guaranteed when attending outdoor music concerts in California, emerging from a mud bath in Sicily, cleaning up after a spicy crawfish festival in Louisiana or volunteering for infrastructure rebuilding in Texas. I want to have fun and feel fresh, which I want for you too. So here it goes…

Be mindful and keep your business quick when there is a line outside. No matter if you are in Potty Girl’s comfortable restroom trailer with flushing toilets, air-conditioning and great sinks or in pretty porta potties, be respectful with time. This isn’t the time to take a selfie about how much fun the festival is but time to let the next person do what they have to do.

Mind you hygiene and keep it clean. One single act can make the difference for the next person. My aim is to keeps the toilet clean and your aim will help. Please put paper where it belongs, be tidy with tinkles and no smoking in the portapotty. Do not throw your beer can or your hopes and dreams down the chute. Leave the world a little cleaner than you found it.

Patience is a true virtue. I get in line before its time to do the potty dance. Please wait your turn and no cutting in line. Everyone is in line with the same urge for relief.  For future portable toilet users in training, if your child is potty training, please consider making a trip to a washroom or using a family portable toilet. 

I want to thank you for joining the party of potty adventures to come. I am ready to disembark on the next globe trotting adventure in Paris, Prague, Portland or Phuket? Perhaps you return to see where Hottie Potty rolls out the red carpet!! Call Potty Girl for your portable restroom rentals today!