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By Hottie Potty
Posted in The Porta Potty Blog, on April 12, 2016

There is no clinical diagnosis for anxiety and aversion to using a portable toilet or public restroom but is a reality. It stems from the fear related to the spread of germs, getting flipped over while on the potty or just being uncomfortable using a public loo. I like to call it “potty worry”. Hottie Potty wants to share with you a few points that will keep you at ease when not in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Feeling the urge to go to an outdoor music festival but afraid of where will you go to the washroom? Fortunately, porta potties are a convenient solution for outdoor events and are widely used at outdoor music festivals, nature retreats, fishing rodeos, campouts and sporting events.

Portable toilet companies must follow strict regulations for sanitation. Potty Girl ranks #1 for a germ-free washroom and it is more sanitary to use a portable potty than you think! Just please teach your children the urinal isn’t a sink. We provide germ-free sanitizer in some of our portable restrooms to take care of those precious hands! It is always a good idea to bring along sanitizing wipes too beside for use in the loo.

Terrified of the legend of the “toilet tipper”? It is an old-fashioned prank that is coming back into fashion with internet potty humor. Our porta johns have an ultra-durable base that can withstand a rowdy crowd or powerful winds. When you feel a little threatened, get yourself a personal spotter you can trust at large scale events if a restroom attendant is not on staff for the event. Potty Girl has earned legendary trust from our customers for exceeding safety guidelines and dependability.

We are spoiled with our private, home restrooms. It is familiar to us and comfortable for our children who are potty training. Who wants to wait in a long line and finally when it’s your turn, you see a dozen people behind you ready to go as much as you need to? A bit scary and here are little potty training steps for success with public restroom use.

First, quell anxiety by using single use facilities like public unisex restrooms. Next, find public toilets with few stalls like in a large gas station. Finally, the next step would be multi-stall restrooms like our luxury restroom trailer.

Potty Girl’s restroom trailer will give you the comforts of home while you are at an outdoor event or venue. In no time you will have gently moved past your aversion to using a public restroom and enjoy being the life of the party too!