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By Hottie Potty
Posted in The Porta Potty Blog, on June 14, 2016


Guest post by Dr. Phil D Mayers

Do you now, or have you ever used The POTTY WORD?

Well I have, and I still do.

When I was a little boy my Dear Sweet Mommy “POTTY trained me” and taught me to use The POTTY WORD when I needed to do “Number 1”.

Now in case you are not familiar with this terminology, “Number 1” means you have to “wee-wee” and “Number 2” means you have to “poo-poo”.

Over the years when I have to do “Number 1” real bad, I automatically jump back to my childhood and ask someone “Where is the POTTY?” Obviously it is a WORD that is not often used today, because they always seem to have the same answer, “What PARTY are you talking about?”

Which is very upsetting to me, as I find it very disheartening that such a dear sweet innocent WORD as POTTY is being squeezed out of our vocabulary in this fast-paced, uncaring world.

Which brings me to the point of this BLOG.

In case you didn’t know it, I live in Lafayette, Louisiana, where we have a lot of really fun festivals, with great music, great food, and lots of dancing. The biggest, most popular festival of all is the FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL de LOUISIANE, which is a FREE, 5 day music and arts festival held every year at the end of April in Downtown Lafayette.

My daughter and I were enjoying the festivities when I suddenly had to do a “Number 1” in a real hurry. This was not a good thing because there are very few portable toilets, always a long line, and once you get inside one of them, it’s sort of like jumping into a cesspool, which may be defined as an underground storage of liquid waste and sewage, a disgusting or corrupt place.

I’m sure you would agree that portable toilets are filthy and the smell is absolutely horrible. And of course being the germ-freak that I am; Once I’m forced to use one, I’m very uncomfortable and deathly afraid to touch anything.

I hurried through the crowd.

When I reached my destination I was absolutely amazed. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere there was a long line of Beautiful POTTIES. They were in fact a lovely site to behold. They instantly brought to mind the guards standing at perfect attention before Buckingham Palace in London England.

They were proud to be a POTTY. In fact each of them proudly wore The WORLD FAMOUS POTTY GIRL LOGO.

I’m sure you must have heard the saying “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Which of course means that looks aren’t everything, and you never really know how good the pudding is until you taste it.

So please don’t jump to the conclusion that I am comparing The POTTY GIRL POTTY to food. The point I’m trying to make is, when I entered one of The POTTIES I was truly amazed. The inside was meticulously clean, showing extremely precise care about minute detail, and had a very fresh pleasing smell.

I wondered how The POTTY PEOPLE were able to do such an amazing job caring for and servicing their POTTIES?

In closing I would like to quote my good friend Forrest Gump: “And that’s all I have to say about that.”


© Dr. Phil D Mayers gratefultummybooks.com

P.S. I seriously doubt that this BLOG will be a bestseller in The Wall Street Journal. Although I’m sure my Dear Sweet Mommy would have been very impressed with The POTTY GIRL POTTYS, The POTTY PEOPLE that care of ‘um, and The Fantastic POTTY GIRLS WEBSITE