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By Hottie Potty
Posted in The Porta Potty Blog, on May 10, 2016

Hottie Potty has to rave about the fabulous experience with Potty Girl’s VIP Restroom Attendants! I have used luxury restroom trailers with attendants at outdoor events from Hollywood to Miami and Cannes to Cairo, but nothing touches the unique Potty Girl VIP treatment. I was surrounded with luxury not like being in a grungy public restroom.

My amazing VIP experience was at Downtown Alive in Lafayette, Louisiana. Greeted and guided down the red carpet like I am a rock and roll royalty, these VIP restroom attendants made me feel like I wanted to use a portable toilet instead of dash in the other direction. Potty Girl’s extraordinary restroom attendants put on a show – professional, pays attention to every detail, lively personalities and makes your happiness their priority. 

I asked exactly what they do to keep such immaculate care of these luxurious portable  restrooms. These white glove professionals assure that the restroom trailer always smells fresh by spritzing odor eliminating fragrance. You won’t sweat it in these portable potty trailers either with cool air conditioning. They are aware that time is precious, so there is no waiting in long lines so to return to the celebration, not staying in the potty.

The loo was super clean with proper flushing toilets. Porcelain sinks were convenient to wash my hands with fragrant soap. The counter tops are continuously wiped so when I went to the vanity mirror to check out my lipstick, my purse would never sit in a pool of water. That sweet attendant even held the door open and guided me back down the red carpet so I could dance the night away.

George Michael, Stevie Nicks and Adam Levine are famous international rock stars and these VIP Restroom Attendants will have you singing your own Potty Girl tune. Anyone deserves this amazing outdoor restroom experience too. Potty Girl is your portable toilet company extraordinaire!!