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Fairs & Festivals

Potty Girl adds to the unique experience of fairs and festivals! We provide our loyal customers with large restroom trailers designed to provide added comforts like home, convenient layouts so no waiting in long lines and privacy. Whether it’s a local fair or festival, international fair, music festival, film festival or parade, our experienced Potty Girl team has coordinated with fairs and festivals throughout the nation. Let us help you determine your quantity and placement by choosing the right restroom trailer or portable toilets for your fair or festival.

Our crowd pleasers are custom designed with amenities just like home, such as flushing toilets, urinals and sinks. Our modern restroom trailers range from two to sixteen stations to accommodate any size crowd. All restroom trailers are fully equipped with heat and air-conditioning, which also ventilates air to keep everyone feeling comfortable. We use environmentally friendly deodorizing products to smell fresh, maintain stocked restrooms with paper products and soap, provide restroom services throughout your festival and keep it all sparkling clean. Our VIP Restroom Attendants can be arranged to your specific needs at peak attendance times or throughout your event.

Our porta potties come in fun, vibrant colors and are placed for convenience, safety considerations for high traffic areas and around entry or exit points. The necessity of handwash stations is essential in food preparation areas and for sanitation needs. Our ADA portable restrooms are sturdy and accommodate mobility impaired festival attendants with special needs. 

No festival is too large or small to make our unique restroom experience fun and the life of the party!!
  • 10 Station Rich Restroom Trailer Rental

    $2,595.00 - $8,195.00
  • 16 Station Rich Restroom Trailer Rental

    $4,595.00 - $16,100.00
  • 6 Station Rich Restroom Industrial Trailer Rental

    $1,795.00 - $6,400.00
  • 8 Station Shower Trailers

    $4,195.00 - $15,180.00
  • Flushing Portable Toilet Rental w/Sink

    $250.00 - $425.00
  • Hand Wash Stations

    $195.00 - $350.00
  • Special Event High-End Portable Toilets

    $175.00 - $350.00
  • Temporary Fencing

    $3.95 - $5.95